July 6, in the year of our Lord 2014

Today, the group toured the Christian quarter of the Old City. Our adventure commenced with my getting up at 11:00, rather than meeting the group at Jaffa Gate at 10:45, as had been previously planned (I’m sorry!) In a sleepy haze, I scrambled into a pair of pants and hailed a cab. Luckily accepting United States of American currency, the driver got me to the gate at 11:15 (I’m sorry!) After I was done holding up the group (sorry), the tour began.

A large part of the tour was spent in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site where Jesus (son of Mary, wife of Joseph, son of Jacob, that is) was crucified, prepared for burial, laid to rest, etc.  One very interesting detail we learned about the church today is that the six different Christian denominations worship in the same building.  Similarly to Hannah’s observations (see previous blog post by Hannah of the house of Livshutz), it was great to see people of different faiths and different cultures able to worship together, or at least in close proximity to each other.  On top of that, all decisions about the building itself must be agreed upon by members of all denominations.  If people were capable of such acceptance and cooperation around the world, everyone would live a much happier life.

As a secular Jew, I saw the site as one of great historical significance, rather than one of deep spiritual importance in my life.  That being said, it was amazing to see how moving it was for some to touch the bedrock upon which Jesus’s cross was placed, and to place a religious object recently purchased from the Arab shuk on the rock where Jesus’s body was prepared for burial.

Perhaps what struck me most about the excursion was seeing members of all denominations focusing on the important part of their respective faiths, rather than perpetually challenging each other.


Jus tryna do me and have a g00d tyme,
David Rabinowicz


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