July 9th, 2014

After the eventful night that we had last night some of us got a extra sleep and we started the day a little bit later than we originally planned. We all met downstairs and walked to Hadassah together for a discussion about the missile alerts that we experienced last night. Most of my classmates talked about how the missile sirens from the night before shocked them and made them feel endangered, whereas I came to the discussion with a different perspective. After traveling to cities like Sderot. I have been exposed to individuals who view these sirens as a daily occurrence. I felt completely calm when the siren was going off and we made our way calmly to the shelter to wait for the all-clear. Other people in the class mentioned how sad it was to see young children clinging to their parents, while others said that the experience changed their entire perspective on the conflict. We followed our discussion with some Holocaust readings that were a part of our regular homework for class.

These readings were to preempt our trip to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum on the outskirts of Jerusalem. As a Jew, the trip to the museum really affected me, but I was one of very few Jews in the class. Going to the museum for the second time with an entirely different group of people, I was able to experience the museum in a different way than the last time that I went. I was interested in finding out the way my classmates absorbed the whole experience as people who do not have grandparents that are survivors. Many were silent and trying to take in everything that was going on. 

As somebody who has been living in Israel for the last two months and has been learning about the conflict for much longer than most of my classmates, I have a different a perspective than many of them on the topics that we were discussing today. I loved being able to learn from them and see them learn about the way of life that I have been experiencing for months. We are living in a completely new culture and I think that it is important to experience it in order to fully appreciate the political and artistic topics of the classes that we’re taking this summer. 



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