Daily Safety Updates

For the comfort of parents and others viewing this blog for updates on our experiences in Israel this month, we will now be posting daily updates in regards to our well-being.

07/10: We are all safe and comfortable in the apartments after returning home from a long day of classes and tours.

7/11: All are safe


3 thoughts on “Daily Safety Updates

  1. A mom

    Please keep the Daily Safety Updates updated while you are moving around the next couple of days and the students may not have Wi-Fi to post to their blogs. Thank you.

  2. Another mom

    Hello? Is anybody there?
    This page is like a cruel joke to us parents who are trying to ascertain where you are and if you are safe. Please, either take it down or update it daily with your location.

    1. neu2014israel Post author

      To all concerned parents and friends. The program is going very well and the students are safe and in high spirits.
      Dr. Elan Ezrachi, on site Israel director


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